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How to Make Biodiesel from Jathropha curcas

Biofuels as an Alternative Replacement Fuel

In general, the term can mean fuel biofuels from vegetable, the most probable development for the substitution or replacement of energy is biodiesel (from Jatropha oil and Palm Oil) as an alternative to diesel and bio ethanol (from cassava) as a substitute for gasoline.

How to Make Biodiesel from Jatropha Fruit (Jathropa curcas)

Jatropha (Jatropha curcas L), which is a bush plant family Euphorbiaceae. Within five months of this drought-resistant plants begin to bear fruit, full productive at the age of five years, and the productive age of 50 years. Many encountered in Indonesia as a hedge plant.

The fruit can not be consumed because it can cause poisoning. People in rural areas often make use of this plant to treat constipation in children under five years old (toddlers) or eliminate dental pain with distance tree sap dripping into a hollow tooth.

From the results of research conducted Dr.Ir.Robert Manurung MEng, a lecturer in the Department of Industrial Chemistry Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB), together with his team (Nagayama and Masanori Kobayashi Eiichi from New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO-Japan):

"Jatropha oil can replace petroleum diesel to power generators. Because jatropha can be grown in almost all regions in Indonesia, the castor oil really help generate electricity in remote areas, this oil can be produced by the communities that need electricity, "

According Manurung, castor oil-making process is not too complicated and could dilakukanoleh anyone with sophisticated tools, follow these steps:

* Steam the pieces for an hour distance.
* Then, meat was destroyed by machine blender.
* After that, the fruit flesh and seeds that have been destroyed inserted into the forging machine oil.
* With emphasis on the hydraulic jack, the pulp is squeezed to produce oil.

Every 10 pounds of crushed castor seeds will produce 3.5 liter of castor oil as an alternative to diesel. This oil is intangible, such as cooking oil, which is thick, smooth, and the smell was not noticeable.

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